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23 Effective, Easy-to-Implement and Health-Safe Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

If you want to clear your nose, you don’t have to use chemicals. We can completely use natural ingredients available in the house, which are both effective and safe for health! To help you choose the right way to repel mosquitoes for your home, Admin will tell you the simple ways below!

Living habits make you “attractive” to insects Mosquitoes are not naturally attracted, but this happens due to many familiar factors. Among them, the most popular are:

Lighting and temperature: If you use white lights or cold-colored LED lights, they will attract strong winds.

Sweat and body odor: Mosquitoes can attach to you through body odor and odor.

Fragrance: Some special fragrances such as lotions, perfumes and scented oils can attract flies.

Eating and drinking: Foods with strong flavors or foods that are not carefully protected can absorb moisture.

Body temperature: Mosquitoes like warm, moist muscles.

Colored clothing: Dark colors of clothing can attract butterflies, especially black, dark blue and red.

1. How to effectively repel mosquitoes with lemongrass

You can buy lemongrass anywhere, because they are quite cheap. However, this is the plant with the strongest effect in repelling mosquitoes, because these animals are extremely afraid of the scent of lemongrass. Mosquitoes never dare to come close to the lemongrass bushes. Therefore, one of the natural and very effective ways to repel mosquitoes is to plant a lemongrass bush. If your home is limited in space, try growing them in a glass jar on the table as a very interesting decoration. Besides, lemongrass also has the ability to purify the air very well, so it is very beneficial for your family, especially when there are elderly people and young children in the house. In addition, how to repel mosquitoes with lemongrass is safe for babies and economical for every family.

2. How to repel mosquitoes with cedar

This may come as a surprise, but mosquitoes hate the smell of cedar because of the oil in this tree trunk. Furthermore, the smell of this tree trunk can repel most other insects such as ants, termites, etc. And especially if you pay attention, current mosquito repellent products all contain cedar oil.

3. Tips to effectively repel mosquitoes with mint

It can be said that mint is one of the most versatile plants today. It can be found in essential oils, teas, candles, and even lotions. To avoid or repel mosquitoes, plant pots of mint plants around the house or put mint leaves in cloth bags and hang them around!

4. Repel mosquitoes with eucalyptus

Just like how to repel mosquitoes with lemongrass, eucalyptus strongly hinders mosquitoes’ senses, making them unable to find the scent of their favorite food. You can create a spray solution from eucalyptus essential oil or you can use this essential oil to apply to your wrists and ankles because eucalyptus is a super safe oil.

5. Effective tips to repel mosquitoes with garlic

Garlic has excellent mosquito repellent properties. Many people often use thin slices of garlic and spread them throughout the house. The strong aroma of garlic makes mosquitoes immediately stay away. If you have time, you can also grow a small garlic bush indoors. This not only effectively repels mosquitoes but also adds spice to daily meals. Besides, to avoid mosquito bites you should also eat garlic more often. Garlic oil absorbed by the skin will be released out of the pores, making it impossible for mosquitoes to get close to you. Furthermore, garlic is also very good for the skin and body, especially in anti-inflammatory and preventing aging.

6. Effectively repel mosquitoes with lavender

This is a super effective mosquito repellent herb that can be easily found in flower shops or markets. You can place lavender bouquets indoors or plant small lavender bushes around the house. Perhaps this will be the best mosquito barrier.

7. Effectively repel mosquitoes with marigolds

Marigolds are known as flowers with an extremely strong scent. In fact, they are even annoying to some people. So plant a few pots of marigolds around the house. This is a safe way to repel mosquitoes but still ensures effectiveness.

8. How to repel mosquitoes with basil

Another herb that is super easy to find at markets or supermarkets. Because basil has a scent that makes mosquitoes really uncomfortable. The simplest way you can repel mosquitoes is to crush basil leaves in the palm of your hand to release the essential oil and start gently patting areas susceptible to mosquito bites. You can plant basil bushes around the front of your house, which not only effectively repel mosquitoes, but are also a spice in your family’s dishes!

9. Tips to repel mosquitoes with catnip

According to scientists, the scent of catnip is 10 times stronger than conventional insecticides. You can find them easily at pet stores. The way to do it is to rub handfuls of catnip to release the essential oils and apply to any area of ​​skin. The smell of catnip will make mosquitoes never dare to come near you.

10. Effectively repel mosquitoes with rosemary

Rosemary is another herb that can help with cooking and repel mosquitoes. The scent of rosemary is very fragrant, strong but so pleasant that mosquitoes hate it. Similar to how to repel mosquitoes with lemongrass, you can plant rosemary around your house or use it as a spray on your skin so that mosquitoes can no longer get close to you. Or you can place rosemary branches on the grill or charcoal so that the heat can spread the scent throughout your house, thereby effectively repelling mosquitoes.

11. How to repel mosquitoes with neem oil

Neem oil has powerful properties in skin care and makeup. Furthermore, the pure composition of neem oil has a very strong scent similar to mustard and garlic, so its ability to repel mosquitoes is also very effective.

12. Effectively repel mosquitoes with sage

Whether you are indoors or picnicking outdoors, what you should do is burn sage leaves to help spread the scent so you can become invisible to mosquitoes.

13. Tips to repel mosquitoes with purple chrysanthemum

In addition to being a decorative item to plant around your house, purple chrysanthemums are also very effective in repelling mosquitoes. With an ingredient in the plant called coumarin, just a light breeze of this scent will chase away all the insects around your house. But you should be careful with children and family pets because eating it can be dangerous.

14. How to effectively repel mosquitoes with tangerine and orange peels

Tangerines, lemons… are cheap dessert fruits that families often use. After eating, we often throw away the tangerine peel. However, very few people know that tangerine peel is one of the ingredients that can effectively repel mosquitoes. After eating the tangerine peel, leave it in the sun and dry it thoroughly. Then bring it into a room where many mosquitoes live and burn it with a candle. Mosquitoes hate the smell of smoke coming from tangerine peels and will fly out of your room immediately. Besides, this smoke smell also helps you to eliminate bad odors in the room, limiting mold and mildew that causes discomfort to the body. Repelling mosquitoes with the scent of orange will be more gentle than repelling mosquitoes with lemongrass, so you can use it in your bedroom.

15. Coffee Grounds to Prevent Mosquito Breeding

If your home has a high mosquito population, it might be due to damp and humid conditions that create an ideal environment for mosquito breeding. In such cases, using coffee grounds is the most effective way to repel mosquitoes. After each use of a coffee filter, store the used coffee grounds in the refrigerator to accumulate a certain amount.

Then, target damp areas where water accumulates and sprinkle the coffee grounds on them. This prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs, and even existing eggs will lose moisture, making them unable to hatch. Regularly combat moisture and mold in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom to limit mosquito growth.

16. Repelling Mosquitoes with Mentholated Oil

Certainly, you’re familiar with mentholated oil as it is a common household product. Apart from its uses in massage and soothing mosquito bites, using mentholated oil to repel mosquitoes is also very effective.

Method 1: The simplest way to keep mosquitoes away is to apply the oil directly to your skin. The scent of mentholated oil will deter mosquitoes from coming close.

Method 2: If you find applying it directly too intense, open the container and leave it in a corner. The scent will immediately spread, causing mosquitoes to disappear.

Method 3: A small trick is to apply a bit of mentholated oil to a fan blade. The fan will help distribute the scent throughout your home.

17. Use Scented Wax Candles to Repel Mosquitoes

Scented wax candles are also a product that effectively repels mosquitoes nowadays. You can easily find them in grocery stores or reputable online marketplaces.

18. Repelling Mosquitoes with Tea Tree Oil

Using essential oils is a common method mothers often employ to deter mosquitoes, especially when there are young children in the house. Safe and effective essential oils include tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, and lavender oil.

With these natural oils, mothers can use them for home diffusion or apply them to the child’s clothes to keep mosquitoes at bay. You’ll be surprised at their effectiveness, and they also serve to deodorize and freshen up the room.

19. Use Mosquito Repellent Devices

If you already have essential oils, the most effective way to repel mosquitoes is to invest in a essential oil diffuser to maximize the spread of the oils’ aroma. This enhances the mosquito-repelling properties of the oils.

20. Repelling Mosquitoes with Basil Leaves and Lemon Balm

Basil leaves and lemon balm are two herbs commonly used in various dishes. Surprisingly, these herbs also have the ability to prevent mosquitoes from appearing in your living space. You might not know that mosquito repellents often contain extracts from lemon balm leaves. So, how do you go about repelling mosquitoes with these herbs?

It’s straightforward. Plant these mosquito-repelling herbs in your garden. Moreover, you’ll have fresh herbs to enhance your family meals. These plants are easy to grow, robust, and don’t require frequent watering. Move the plants to areas with high mosquito activity to effectively combat the issue.

21. Kill Mosquitoes with Dishwashing Liquid

This is a temporary method when there is a sudden surge in mosquito numbers. Simply mix dishwashing liquid with water and place it in areas with many mosquitoes. You’ll observe mosquitoes being attracted to the solution. The alkaline nature of dishwashing liquid has the ability to break down mosquito eggs, preventing their development and hatching.

22. Use Mosquito-Repellent Floor Cleaner

Regularly cleaning your living space is also one of the effective ways to repel mosquitoes. Cleanipedia recommends the Sunlight Natural Oil-infused floor cleaner, which not only leaves your home smelling fresh but also effectively repels mosquitoes.

23. Use Non-toxic Mosquito Repellent

Similar to scented wax, liquid mosquito repellent allows for easier application around the house. Researching and purchasing non-toxic mosquito repellents is simple, as these products are widely available in stores and supermarkets. However, if you have young children, it’s essential not to overuse these products.

Which mosquito repellent method is the most effective and comprehensive?

We cannot definitively say which method is the most effective as it depends on various factors such as the current mosquito population, the frequency of applying the method, the specific space you are dealing with, etc. That’s why you should try several methods before settling on one that suits you best.

All the tips mentioned share a common thread: they are derived from natural ingredients, environmentally friendly, and generally safe for your family’s health. If you notice that the mosquito situation doesn’t improve, consider incorporating modern technology devices such as mosquito lamps or electric mosquito swatters to quickly address this harmful issue.

These natural ingredients can not only be used to repel mosquitoes but also to freshen up the air in your rooms. You can also use aromatic essential oils as an effective mosquito repellent. Hopefully, with the information provided, you’ll find a suitable method to repel mosquitoes and better protect your family.

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